MMM – Mediawijs door Media Maken – Media literacy through Making Media



  On Monday April 9, 2018 MMM team member Hemmo Bruinenberg hosted two workshop sessions at the annual teachers day that was facilitated by LOWAN. LOWAN is the national support organization for secondary schools that provide education for young migrants who recently arrived in The Netherlands (Internationale Schakel Klassen onderwijs / International Transition Classes education)….

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Teach-the-teachers workshop at Ithaka ISK

On Tuesday March 15, the MMM team met with Ithaka ISK teachers and Mira Media for a half-day teach-the-teachers workshop. The group of teachers, having shown interest in the program, will fulfill an important role as media literacy ambassadors in the school. In the second week of April of 2018, they will take the lead…

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MMM @ Global MIL Week 2017 – Kingston, Jamaica

From  October 24 to October 26 2017 MMM attended the Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2017 Feature Conference in Kingston, Jamaica, organized by UNESCO and the University of the West Indies. Theme of the conference was ‘Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in Critical Times: Reimagining Ways of Learning and Information Environments’. The short video…

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MMM @ Media Literacy Conference in Jamaica

Ons team gaat het project MMM presenteren tijdens de  Global MIL Week 2017 Feature Conference in Jamaica. Datum: 25 October 2017. Naam van de sessie: “MIL for social inclusion, dialogue, and development (culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, and capabilities)”    About the MIL conference The feature conference of Global MIL Week 2017 is the Seventh Media and…

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MMM @ Vlaams Mediawijs Congres 2017

On Wednesday 27 September and Thursday 28 September, organised a Flemish Congress on Media Literacy at the Royal Library of Belgium. MMM attended the second day of the Congress. An interesting project was brought to our attention; ““. encompasses an educational trajectory of 8 sessions across one year where professionals working in the…

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Persbericht honorering Mediawijs door media maken (MMM) – Nationale Wetenschapsagenda

Mediawijs door media maken gefinancierd binnen Nationale Wetenschapsagenda Hoe maak je migrantenjongeren mediawijs en bereid je ze voor op een toekomst in Nederland? Het project Mediawijs door media maken (MMM) is gehonoreerd binnen de route Veerkrachtige en Zinvolle Samenlevingen van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda. Binnen het project wordt onderzocht hoe migrantenjongeren, vluchtelingen in het bijzonder, getraind…

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