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MMM – Mediawijs door Media Maken – Media literacy through Making Media


On this page you will find the media produced by the team (films and publications) and news reports/blogs that were written about the project.



Video report – pilot Media Literacy through Media Making (English subtitles)

Mediawijsheid voor jongeren in schakelklassen, januari – april 2017.


Video report – reflection of teachers on media literacy lessons for young newcomers (English subtitles forthcoming) 

Reflectie met docenten Rob Bekker, Renée Aagtjes en Petra Eijndhoven op de lessenserie mediawijsheid die MMM ontwikkelde en zij zelf gaven in april 2018.



Koen Leurs, Ena Omerovic, Hemmo Bruinenberg & Sanne Sprenger. (2018). Critical media literacy through making media. A key to participation for young migrants. Communications. The European Journal of Communication Research, 43(3), 427-450.

Click here to access the article: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/comm.ahead-of-print/commun-2018-0017/commun-2018-0017.xml?format=INT 

Download the free, open-access article via this link: https://www.degruyter.com/downloadpdf/j/comm.ahead-of-print/commun-2018-0017/commun-2018-0017.pdf


News reports & Blogs:

‘Mediawijsheid maakt migrantenjongeren weerbaarder’

Can We Empower Young Refugees Through Digital Media Literacy Education?